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Having dreams of working out because I miss the gym so badly

Anonymous asked: the name of your first love.
Anonymous asked: What made you love your girlfriend? Is she different somehow or something?

I could literally go on all day. Even before her and I were together she just wanted the best for me and wished happiness upon my life. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. I’ve never met anyone who has a soul like hers. From the moment we first started talking we clicked right away and it’s been great ever since.

She’s gorgeous, intelligent, funny, sweet, caring, puts me first, motivates me to be the best man I can be, she’s sexual, lifts, a nerd like me, has the best taste in music and movies, watches sports, and our careers are both in the health and fitness field.

Basically, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve never connected with anyone on this level, been more motivated, or more confident in my life. She is amazing and makes me realize what I am worth and we’re very happy together

Anonymous asked: Who is your girlfriend?

Not you

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