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Anonymous asked: Appearance isn't everything!!!! Even if your wife is prettier than johanna which is a big if johanna is a better person by far! She's a better person than your wife every day! You picked bimbo looks and fake tits over personality!

You don’t know any three of us so shut the fuck up already. Looks aren’t everything but guess what, my wife has a way better personality. She has it all. She’s my best friend and I’ve never connected with anyone more than her in my life. So yea, Elle is better. Her tits are real by the way and they feel amazing in my mouth

Anonymous asked: You have a lot of wisdom for a twenty two year old. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I don't really hold on to people either, they come and go as far as I'm concerned. Seriously, I don't trust anyone; that includes family.

Thank you that actually means a lot. I’ve had to go through some very rough times in my life to get where I am but I am thankful for them. I grew up as the baby boy in my family, and everyone I knew had been older so I learned from their mistakes and had to quickly mature. I’ve learned a lot from my peers and through personal experiences.

Remember you have to choose between being selfless and wanting a better life for yourself. Many people will advise you to be selfish and only look out for yourself. It isn’t bad advice, but you do not have to be a selfish person. Be a good person and try to help everyone around you, but don’t let that stop you from living your dreams.

Anonymous asked: Thanks Jon, you give pretty sound advice. I can't wait to leave & begin my journey. Good luck to you too! :)

No problem at all it’s what I love doing. Your dreams are just as valid as any others so work hard now and live comfortably later in life. Thank you

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Anonymous asked: You're wife is a beautiful person, inside and out. She made me realize my self worth. Silly, I know but she really is a good one!! :)

She really is the greatest gift to ever come into this world. I’ve never came across anyone with a beautiful soul such as hers and that’s why I fell in love with her. I’m glad she could help :)

Anonymous asked: do you miss your friends back in Ohio? I'm leaving for uni & I think some of my friends resent me..I just need to leave though

At one point I did, but I’ve always wanted to leave and do bigger things so I never looked back. Everyone who leaves their home to chase their dreams can relate to your story. Unfortunately everyone you know, including your family will be so hard on you, but the second you work to make your dreams come true, they’re the most unsupportive group around you. You can’t listen to these people. You have to realize that there are going to be few to no people who actually support what you want to do in life, while everyone else tries to hold you back.

You do not owe your friends anything. If someone comes into your life who is supportive, then keep them. It’s difficult to admit, but you’ll realize at your age there are a lot of temporary people who come into your life, and if anyone resents you for trying to make new opportunities and live a better life, then they’re not your friends.

Personally I’ve dropped all contact with the closest people to me throughout my life pretty easily. Maybe it isn’t so easy for you and you want to still be friends. Be honest and talk to them. If you’re a guy, you may not have had heart to heart conversations with your friends. But if they’re truly good friends then they will listen. Ask how they feel about you leaving. Understand that this is the right decision for you and maybe they will come around. If not then you’re better off, believe me. Good luck ๐Ÿ‘

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Anonymous asked: You've taught me to always put out kindness, becuase the universe will repay you. I truly believe that now. ๐Ÿ˜Š

That’s great that you’re being kind to others but please don’t do it just to get something in return. Some day, another person will need your help so you can’t let them down if you don’t see it benefiting you. Believe me helping another or just simply being polite will give them a greater feeling of gratitude, and in return you will feel at peace inside not by money, a new job, or good luck, but just by feeling like a better person and knowing you made someone else’s day better.

I believe good people are looked out for at some point in their lives, but it’s more important to be kind to others anyway. It’s the best feeling to know you’ve motivated others to be good at heart, and to be looked up to as a positive role model. I’m really glad to hear I’ve helped you with your kindness. I truly hope you spread it and if you’ve inspired at least one other person to also be kind, then slowly this will be a better place. I think this world needs more genuine people.

Anonymous asked: Do squats actually work?

Of course they work

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Anonymous asked: What's the worst injury you've had in a MMA fight?

My finger was cut open to the tendon after I blocked a kick and had to get six stitches