Anonymous asked: Do you still watch Parks & Rec? Have you seen the gag reel? Awesome!!

I love that show! lol One of my all time favorites and I’m a huge fan of Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to be in any of Elle's vlogs, great if you did one on fitness?

Yea definitely!

Anonymous asked: What is octoberfest?

The holiest of all beers 🙌

Anonymous asked: Don't fucking post hate to Johanna you prick. She's moved on! Why the fuck don't you leave her alone?? She actually had a man that she loves, you say you have a woman but she has photographical evidence.You don't. You really need to stop!! Yes I'm her friend.

Hey fuck face have you noticed the only time she comes up on my blog is when dumb ass anons like yourself talk about her? I have left her alone. Why do I need evidence for my personal, private life? Elle just posted an accent challenge mentioning me several times. I’d either have to be pretending to be her or paying someone to act like my wife but that’s impossible, come on now. Johanna moved on, good for her. I moved on too and I’m happier than ever. The ONLY person who hasn’t moved on is obviously you. Get a fucking life, bitch.

Anonymous asked: Maybe you should close your 'ask box' since you're quite hostile when people actually 'ask' anything?!

Or you could stop sending me dumb messages

Anonymous asked: Do you still talk to Malachi?

Ask him

Anonymous asked: What car do you have?