when kids stare at you for a long time


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Anonymous asked: your wife is gone at work a lot soooo how often are you home alone (; I'm sure there are many of us here who would help you out when she's out of town.

My wife and I are a partnership so we have the same clientele and travel together. So I guess you have to continue taking it up the ass from your dog

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Anonymous asked: I've apologized to Elle for bombarding you both with questions. I'm truly sorry. I'm just having a hard time & this & twitter is new to me. I'm sorry if I caused any upset. Sorry.

I have no problem answering questions and helping anyone in need. As a matter of fact it’s my job and I love doing it. I don’t mind sharing things with the community but I live a very private life. I will do whatever it takes to protect my wife and family so a lot of questions are off limits. I love my wife more than words can describe, so when you support past relationships then you’ve gone too far and you’ll need to go to someone else for help. There is no excuse. I’ve respected you and I expect the same respect for my wife and I in return.

"The honeymoon phase never has to end."
- Jimmy Fallon (on marriage)

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